Marcus Plating

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Marcus is a husband, father, entrepreneur and servant-leader.  A native of Washington, DC, he spent several years in Fortune 100 companies in before relocating to North Carolina in 2005 and exploring non-profit opportunities here and abroad in West Africa.  He is passionate about truth, business, Biblical financial principles, prayer, health and wellness and seeing people step into their GOD-ordained destinies. Marcus serves as Associate Pastor at New Bethel Church in Cary, North Carolina.

Professionally, Marcus owns an Information Technology Systems Integration company is a certified Project Manager.  Marcus and his wife Vida reside in Raleigh with their two daughters Zoey and Abigail. 

Joanie Chapman

A woman who fears the LORD…she shall be praised. Joanie has walked with the Lord since her youth and is deeply devoted to developing the character and nature of Christ. She serves with the humility of a servant, teaches with revelatory insight and prays with the heart of a lioness. 

Born in a small town in North Carolina, the Holy Spirit has been her teacher and guide and the Word has been her strength and passion. She teaches with excellence and prays with precision and has been instrumental in making an impact in the Washington, DC Metro and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina areas. Many have been touched by the Lord’s power through the mantle of healing she carries. She is particularly gifted in ministering to women and flows with prophetic accuracy and insight, strengthening and empowering those touched by her ministry into a lifestyle of power in the Lord.

She is a core member of the Shekinah Glory International’s ministry team…a team called to prepare the Bride for the return of our Lord and King. The Lord recently spoke to her, a profound truth, “there is a famine [of the Word] in the land.” It is her mission to minister the foundational truths of God’s Word and fulfill the words of Jesus as prophesied in Isaiah 61. 

She is a designer and organizer and owner of Prasignz and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She often spends time with her two adult daughters in the Washington, DC Metro and Cleveland, Ohio areas.

Joshua Detwiler